Volunteering at the pcs open

Get front-row seats of the action!

Volunteers make this event possible. We are looking for individuals who could see themselves committing to helping us on and off the course, be it spotting, Udisc score duty, crowd control, shuttle driver etc.

Volunteers are the foundation of PCS Open

We’ve done the math: since the first PCS Open in 2016, the total amount of hours of volunteer work converted to USD would enable us to buy Twitter four times. In all seriousness: PCS Open would not be possible without the good will from good people.

What does volunteering entail?


One of the most important tasks for keeping the flow of play. A good understanding of disc golf rules is preferred.

Udisc scoring

Every card will have an individual who does the UDisc Live Scoring. Some cards might want to do this themselves, but we aim to give every card the opportunity to have a volunteer doing this.


Keeping the crowd and spectators well fed and happy is muy importante. This job involves being in a stationary in-house kiosk or out on the battlefield handing out food and beverage to the players.

Shuttle drivers

Parking close to the venue is limited, therefore transporting mainly players from A to B is needed. Local knowledge of the area is preferred!

Crowd control

This job consists of keeping the crowd flow going, carrying “QUIET” signs for noise control, and keeping the crowd back from the players.  

Course preperation

This is an ever ongoing task usually left to members of the Øverås Discgolfclub. However, we welcome any and all ideas, feel free to send us a message!

We thank you

Why trees.. WHY GRASS?!

As the course grows and the level of fidelity increases, keeping the roughs and fairways neatly trimmed is essential and something we take great pride in.

Les dames du disc golf

We are extremely lucky to have such passionate helping hands in our community. Our women of disc golf are no exception. They are a force to be reckoned with and a huge part of what makes PCS Open such a joy for us to host.

Built it and they will come

We have many different fields of expertise present in our club. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, doers — all sorts of working men and women sacrificing their time for the growth of our sport.