Ragnarok demands

Øverås, Norway is the host of the PCS Open 2023. The course – dubbed Ragnarok, sharpens its teeth come July when we shed the silver and rise into the Elite Series rank.


Join us down below where we go through some evolutions of Ragnarok.

The gates of valhalla


Introduction of the height mando

Before this banner came up there was no mandatory on this hole and you would 9/10 times see a towering spyke hyzer or thumbers.


Introduction of the triple mando

2019 saw the birth of the triple mando. However, many competitors did not dare go for it instead going for the par. Something had to change.


The gates of valhalla

And so the Gates of Valhalla stands between you and eternal glory.

A more forgiving triple mando, but a much more punishing drop zone.

The construction of the gates


sep 9 2020 - NOON

«Hey guys, there’s one week left until the tournament – lets build a giant structure in the middle of the woods!»


Sep 9 2020 - NIGHT

Working tirelessly through the night, carefully hoisting the foundation of which the swords are attached.


Sep 10 2020 - MORNING

The individual pieces of the swords are being welded together.

A look into the future past

Be sure to come on by our Instagram regularly as we will continue to take a dive into the history of the course.