Opportunities are endless

The tournament is in the smack dab middle in some of the most scenic areas Norway has to offer and only imagination puts an end to what a sponsorship collaboration can achieve in this vast space – limited to not only the physical space, but also spots on Live coverage, Post produced coverage and splattered all over our socials!


We aim to accommodate every contributor of any size!

A glimpse of what could be

Live & post coverage

Thousands of viewers

The Disc Golf Network does the live coverage and a plethora of other actors will provide post coverage of PCS Open 2023. With the amount of cameras pointed at this event, there is no place to hide for sponsors. The digital aspect truly raise the bar of whats possible!

Scenic locations

Make yourself seen

With nearly 32 acres (132 mål) of real estate, let your imagination run wild. 

Stand tall and visible

Its all about presentation

We want to help you be visible and a part of our tournament in the best way possible. Let’s get together and discuss options.