PCS Open 2020 course layout

Since last year, we have been working on 5 brand new «pro holes», and two of these will be played at PCS Open 2020. Changing the event to 3 days, one round each day with tee times, makes it possible for us to present a 20 holes layout this year. For next years event, we will even have a couple of more new holes to choose from.

Holes 10 and 11 are completely new, and we think both of them will be quality holes which increases the level of the course. Hole 10 is a really tough birdie for most of the field, and we expect it to be a really good score separator as well. The drive from the tee is quite challenging, and you need to be accurate to avoid ending up in trouble. We have also adjusted a few of the tees and pin positions on some holes, to make them more appropriate for top pro discgolfers

One of the most siginificant changes made from last year will be on hole 8, where both the tee and the pin will be longer than last year. This will now be a true par 4 in the woods at 171 meters. Not as eagleable as it was last year, as the hyzer option over OB and all the trees will be gone.

Hole 16 will be shortened a bit, and played as par 3. A combination af safety reason and design issues is the reasoning for this. We found it a bit too easy for everyone throwing +130m. This year you will need a more precise drive to get the birdie opportunity. Last year it was enough to «get it over there somewhere», and you would most likely have a really short approach for birdie.

Other minor changes to tee positions has been made on holes 4, 9, 14 and 19.

Good luck!

Fairways on holes 16-18 has been cut today

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